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Wayne Clancy



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Wayne has over 35 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience. He is the Founder of Future Strategies Inc. and theMindSuite TM . He invented the innovative business analytics and engagement model called 'The Expectation Gap' (EGI),
which clearly identifies the ‘GAPS’ between what people and groups expect and value versus their perception of quality and performance. This is applied to all types (and complexities) of relationships within and between organizations and communities including work in modeling entire cities.

The EGI technology integrates all human themes including Culture, Customer Relationships, Wellness, Trust, Empathy, Resilience, Leadership, Sustainability, Humanity, Agility, Decision Making, Innovation, Engagement, Citizen Engagement, Supply Chain Optimization and many more. The resultant predictive outcomes are very powerful.

His partnership with ASU Project Humanities (Arizona State University) on quantifying Humanity and Wellbeing within organizations and its impact on outcomes is considered to be at the front end of the current revolution towards corporate social conscience, sustainability and “Human Analytics”.

Wayne is a published author, Associate Professor, speaker and was the recipient of three major international marketing awards, including the Direct Marketing Association’s highest award in the Business-to-Business sector and is currently coauthoring Tribal Possibilities with NY Times #1 Best Selling Author John King
(Tribal Leadership).

Wayne has a passion for the future and the impact of sustainable technology. Gray2Green is focused on win-win-win outcomes (AKS Triple Bottom Line of Profit, Planet, People) by adding the fourth P of Partnership into what he calls the ‘Quadruple Bottom Line’.

Wayne has also initiated many philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping people work better together.

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