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Circular PV

An initiative for refurbished solar resources.


1. The problem of damage.

Solar panels can be damaged by micro-cracks, hot spots, the PID effect, and more. Renewable energy is growing quickly and so is the waste it produces. By 2050, global PV panel waste will reach 78 million tonnes.

3. It all starts with the triage process.

First, identify the problem. Second, weigh the options - the costs, restraints, and solutions. Third, implement our solution that is both economically viable and environmentally friendly. 

2. How G2G solves the problem.

Typically, the solution is to crush the panels and reclaim precious metals. Our unique solution is a triage process that refurbishes damaged EOL photovoltaic panels.

4. Get panels back into the market.

Our system is scalable and it provides new green jobs. G2G has developed a process to re-purpose, renew, refurbish, reallocate, recover and reimagine PV usage. G2G has designed this initiative to align with right to repair policies.

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